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Seating Assembly

When manufactures are looking to assemble seats used in cars, trucks, buses, and transport trucks they simply turn to Ready Systems for our expertise in this very specialized area. For nearly 20 years, we’ve built our business and reputation as a top quality vendor and supplier to virtually every seating manufacturer in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.  To compliment our deep comprehension of the seating assembly process, we’ve organized our facility operations to help meet all your challenges.

Assembly Lines & Equipment

We build assembly lines & equipment used in the progressive and just-in-time manufacturing of seats. Whether you need part specific assembly cells and tables or full-on 500 foot long assembly lines, we work with and fully understand the equipment you need for your lines.

Material Handling of Sub-Assemblies

We source and supply the conveyor equipment used to transfer parts and sub-assemblies inbound to the main assembly lines to keep your new line in production.

Robotic Torque Cells

Robotic Torque Cells have removed the manual operation and strain put onto production personnel in years past. We integrate the robots that now easily handle the tools, and torque the safety bolts used in the seating industry.

Steam & Iron

Both leather and standard seats are manually assembled and as such they need to be ironed and steamed to remove wrinkles which provides a fresh look for the discerning buyer. Steam Cells were again, initially operated by the work force and then transitioned into Robotic work cells integrated by us! The robot is happy to work in the hot and steamy areas, no problem, and never takes a break!

Main Line Offload

Robotic main line offload onto a shipping pallet is an area all onto itself. There are a multitude of shipping pallet styles and sizes. Each brand of pallet has different locking mechanism and accommodates different seats. We have worked with them all! Let us help you determine the best solution – for your manufacturing solution!