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Consumer Products

When companies are looking manufacture Consumer Products they simply turn to Ready Systems for our expertise in material handling, assemble lines and systems, PLC controls, as well as custom automation and robotic integration. For nearly 20 years Ready Systems has built our business as a top integrator to the thousands of Consumer Product Manufacturers in the USA, Canada, and Mexico! To complement our understanding of the consumer products manufacturing, we’ve organized our facility operations to help with your challenges.

Assembly Fixtures & Product Carriers

We design, model, build, assemble and test in-house the product carriers and assembly fixtures required for your system. This process is held to ensure everything is just right, prior to installation.

Overhead Conveyors

We supply and install overhead conveyors such as Power & Free, as well as CDLR, belt and chain every day. Some systems are newly installed. We can also extend and re-route your existing lines to transfer the parts to new or modified assembly areas. Whatever the path, we can help convey our solution

PLC Controls

We include PLC Controls in every major project. Our PLC Integration Team has vast experience in all Allen Bradley platforms including ControlLogix, CompactLogix, RS Logix 5000, PanelView, Factory Talk View and RS View. We utilize and program using the latest software available. We’re also versed in Siemens, Omron, GE, Mitsubishi and ABB should this be a requirement.

Palletizer Systems

To assist your assembly process we integrate a Robotic Palletizer at the End-of-Line. Labels are applied to the parts as they are transferred into the robot zone. The robot picks and places the boxes onto a skid into specific pallet patterns. We design and build the robotic vacuum grippers or retractable fork style robot End-Of-Arm-Tools into the cell.

Laser Etching

We integrate Laser Etching equipment into the system. This is becoming a mainstay in manufacturing as parts can be tracked through the various stages of the process. Keyence or similar laser units are simply typically integrated with the PLC controls and used to identify parts.


We provide the controls integration downstream to allow the entire pallet to be automatically wrapped in cellophane, then a shipping label applied – which helps your shipping department get the load to the correct customer.