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How We Work With You

Needs Assessment

We’ll work with you to uncover your needs. We’ll discuss your manufactured products, weight, sizing, and cycle time(s). We’ll also discuss the project scope of work, timelines and when you go into production.

We’ll review your plant layout and the other processes that are interacting with this new line. We’ll discuss the number of production shifts in a day to help you understand your ROI.

Proposal / Scope of Work

We’ll provide a written sales proposal including our Scope Of Work, preliminary SolidWorks/CAD system layout drawings, PLC Controls, robotic simulation, a high level project schedule, and most importantly costing.

Engineering / Design Systems Layout

Once the project starts our team will get moving on engineering and design. Working from the initial layout drawing and concepts, our engineering team will dive deep into the mechanical and electrical details.

SolidWorks/CAD system layout drawings including bill of materials (BOM) will be generated for all the material handling components, robotic equipment including end-of-arm-tools (EOAT), PLC controls & schematics for this project. Robotic and PLC programs are written offline.

We’ll assign a Project Manager who will generate a detailed project schedule including milestones for approval of design, build and test, factory acceptance testing, installation start dates, and site acceptance testing, and buy-off.

Long lead delivery items will be placed on order straight away.

The entire engineering package is presented to your project team for review and approval prior to build & manufacture.


Upon approval(s), drawings are released to our manufacturing team and the purchasing department. Sourcing + purchasing begins for electrical components, PLC, material handling equipment as well as the robot related materials and outsourced machined items. Inhouse machining and fabrication drawings are released to our shop.

Upon equipment received as well as fabrications completed we begin the ‘build & assemble’ phase of the project which includes the electrical controls and PLC. All the mechanical and electrical engineering comes together where we invite you to visit to see the assembly and onto Power-On and Testing.

We perform many tests during the build, although the most rewarding is the Factory Acceptance Test. FAT is preformed over a few hours or even day(s) with our techs supporting your production people to operate the equipment. Training of the equipment can be performed during this crucial time.

Upon completion there will be a buy-off and the approval to ship the equipment to your facility will be received.

Site Preparation

Prior to any installation of the equipment/project, we have our techs visit your plant area to verify all is ready. Prework at your facility is occasionally required to ensure the system can get into the area with little or no delays in your production schedules.


We arrange trucking, shipments, customs documentation and the logistics needed to ensure your equipment arrives on time and as per schedule.

Installation and Onsite Training

Ready System provides mechanical and electrical installations for your systems and equipment. Typical installations require lift equipment or manlifts to help install and we’ll provide everything required during this installation period. Engineering and site support is normal during the installation. Our technicians will be onsite to during programming, testing and commissioning of your new equipment and controls.

We recommend that your people are trained to use the new material handling and automated equipment and we provide on site production training as well as start up support.

Site Acceptance Testing

A Site Acceptance Test (SAT) is very similar to the FAT performed earlier in the project. The SAT is preformed over a few hours or even day(s) with our techs supporting your production people to operate the equipment.


We provide support for every project installed. Based on the complexity of your project this may mean our techs are at your facility for a few weeks to assist your team to keep the new equipment or production line – producing!