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About Ready Systems

Founded in 2007, Ready Systems has grown to be an industry leader in assembly lines, material handling and conveyor systems, robotics automation and integration, vision systems, and automated shipping systems.

With years of experience in the industrial material handling environment, our technical teams – robotics, plc system integration, mechanical, electrical, and installation teams can handle projects of any size.

While we are involved in providing various complex material handling and robotics systems, Ready Systems is most well-known for pallet based assembly line conveyor systems for the automotive seating industry.

The majority of systems are pre-assembly in house prior to shipping. This shortens installation and commissioning time frames as everything is simply unplugged before shipping and plugged back in during installations.

Let us help you. Our approach is efficient and cost competitive. Call us today.


Why Customers Choose Us

Innovative Solutions

We have a crack Sales & Engineering team with many years of experience in every field from system concept, to PLC controls, material handling and robotics.

Onsite Training

For every system we provide onsite training for your maintenance and system opertor’s. This will help you and us to ensure the systems are operating in the way they were intended to be used.

Technical Expertise

We employ Professional Engineers in PLC Controls, and material handling as well as Master Electricians, each with again, many years of experience.

Quick Lead Times

We always stock in-house the most common PLC controls, HMIs and additional components to help us get your line built, installed and operational.

We Are At Your Service

Our company is very easy to work with. We’ll work up a system budget, or work within your budget. We are only a phone call, email, text, Teams and Zoom call away from getting started on your important project!

Quality & Reliability

We’ve researched the most reliable material handling equipment and controls for use on your line or system.

Design, Build, Assemble & Test

We have the square footage to fully assemble your new equipment in-house so it can all be fully tested prior to the installation. Production runs on our shop floor are a common occurrence!

The Ready Systems Team

Scott MacLachlan
Ron Heyden
Vice President
Wayne Staples
Engineering Manager
Ken Cherrett
Vice President Sales
John Stomphorst
Regional Sales Manager
Andrea Emond
Office Manager
Dawn M.
Ashton C.
Mechanical Team
Barret J.
Electrical Team
Brandon K.
Brandon W.
Brett S.
Controls Team
Christine J.
Colin E.
Controls Team
Colin H.
Mechanical Team
Deniz K.
Electrical Team
Divyesh P.
Robotics Team
Elise M.
Evan E. 
Controls Team
Hector L.
Jesse D.
Mechanical Team
Jesse S.
Mechanical Team
Josh F.
Electrical Team
Justin D.
Mechanical Team
Lucas F.
Mechanical Team
Mark Z.
Mechanical Team
Matthew G.
Mechanical Team
Michael P.
Nick P.
Mechanical Team
Niko H.
Mechanical Team
Noah H.
Mechanical Team
Rob K.
Controls Team
Shahram S.
Project Manager
Steve W.
Controls Team
Sumit P.
Robotics Team
Thomas M.
Electrical Team
Tyler A.
Electrical Team

Robotic Integration Team

Our Robotic Integration Team has extensive knowledge and experience with Yaskawa Motoman; FANUC; and ABB robotics

Our team of robot programmers can simply handle integrated robotic vision, safety considerations, PLC communication and factory interlocks. Our robotic team has expert knowledge in the latest RIA and ANSI robot standards to provide safe and compliant cells. Everything is installed using the latest industry standards including the integration of Motoman FSU, FANUC DCS and ABB Safe Move.

Ready Systems Robotic Integration Team has up-to-date training and knowledge of the newest products on the market and this allows us to provide solutions for all your requirements.

PLC System Integration Team

Our PLC Integration Team has vast experience in many, many controls systems currently in use in North American, Mexico and Europe. We utilize all of the latest software available to assist in your system implementation and post installation support.

Primarily focused on AB Rockwell Automation products, our team can also work to your specific industrial needs as we can easily support many other platforms such as Siemens; Omron; GE; Mitsubishi; Schneider; and ABB PLC.

Ready Systems is well versed in: Allen Bradley/Rockwell on all platforms including ControlLogix and CompactLogix.

Similarly we support: FactoryTalk View SE; FactoryTalk View ME; FactoryTalk ViewPoint; Studio 5000; RSView32; Thin Client technology; RSLogix 5000/500/5; RSLinx

Mechanical Engineering Team

Our Mechanical Engineering Team comes to you with many years of experience in robotics and material handling systems. Our mechanical engineers work day include mechanics, energy transfer and conversion, design and manufacturing, and just plain hard engineering. Through clever use of analysis, 3D modeling, and design we can solve important problems to improve your processes.

Our Mechanical Engineering Team utilizes various industry software for all your mechanical design requirements including SolidWorks CAD Software and AutoCAD.

During the design phase of the project many items are considered such as ergonomics for your operator; cycle time of the products; cell efficiency; safety controls; robot uptime; robot reach and layout; as well as maintenance access to the various areas of the automation cell.

Safety for your equipment operators is paramount during the design phase. Our engineers have vast knowledge base of OSHA standards in use in your manufacturing industry. As well as RIA, Robotic Industry Association; Pre-Start Health and Safety Reports PHSR; and Risk Assessment.

Electrical Engineering Team

Our Electrical Engineering Team provides the electrical designs for your automation equipment and your control panels. Our electrical team will ensure all designs meet the current standards for CSA approval, UL approval, ESA approval, and common industry standards

Our Electrical Engineering Team includes senior level controls programmers, electrical engineers, master electricians, electricians, and electrical technologists. We utilize various industry software for all your design requirements including AutoCAD and AutoCAD electrical.

Installations Team

Our Installations and equipment Relocation Team includes mechanical and electrical trades, as well as PLC integration technicians and robot programmers.
A portion of our Team is centrally located in the automotive corridor just outside Nashville, Tennessee. This allows Ready Systems to support its group of customers at a moment’s notice. We can reconfigure equipment on your floor. As well we can relocate your system and components to anywhere within the Canada, United States, Mexico and South America including Brazil and Argentina.

Being used to the Tier One Automotive JIT facility requirements, our team can relocate equipment in tight weekend and shutdown schedules. From running single all the way to three shift operations, we have enough manpower to get even the largest projects in tight time lines completed on schedule. Our work is always finished to the latest local and nation-wide industry standards.

Project Management Team

Ready Systems includes a Project Manager for every project. The project manager will remain with the project from the initial kickoff to the final commissioning and acceptance of the equipment. The project manager will generate detailed schedules, project status reports, and maintain an open issues list that will be updated and reviewed regularly to ensure a timely delivery.

Throughout the course of some projects, mutually agreed upon changes or system modifications may occur. The Project Change Order PCO, will be started and the system or equipment will be assessed for cost and schedule impact.